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Upcoming Dinosaur Events and Activities
January - June, 2007

Nestled amongst the tropical fauna of Florida's McKee Botanical Garden awaits 30 life-sized prehistoric creatures. With their immense stature, exotic features and wide eyes, the sculptures appear at home in the tropical foliage. They are everywhere - from the Postosuchus (a relative to the alligator) and the flying Sordes (or "hairy devil"), to the enormous Daspletosaur (cousin to the T-Rex). Imagine stepping back in time into the prehistoric era. The dinosaur exhibit, at McKee Botanical Garden starting January 13 to June 1, 2007, is a remarkable display your entire family will enjoy.

These huge dinosaurs were created by artist Guy Darrough working with plastic, clay and fiberglass. Up to eight months, three tons of clay and gallons of plastic and rubber are required to create the molds and final sculpture of these dinosaurs. The Daspletosaur, one of the largest, stands 33 feet tall and weighs roughly 600 pounds. Having studied these creatures for 40 years, Darrough creates life-sized, scientifically accurate models. A renowned paleontologist, Darrough is also credited with the discovery of a wide variety of Cambrian and lower Ordovician fossil animals previously unknown to paleontologists. He has traveled throughout the world with his exhibit.

The exhibit will include fun and educational classes on dinosaurs, a "Dino Dig" area where children can dig for dinosaur bones, fossil plant displays, and prehistoric-themed dining. The dinosaur display is sure to amaze and educate all ages.

For more Information please call McKee Botanical Garden at 794-0601

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